T H E   C A R P A T H I A N   W I N E   R O A D

Logo of the wine road

Opening of the conference

Preparing of the degustation

The International Conference

The International Conference "The Carpathian Wine Road" took place in polish town Rymanów at 31-st march. There were participants from Poland, Hungaria and Slovakia. The organizer of the conference was asociation "Help yourself" (Pomóżmy sobie sami).
The director of the fund "Help yourself" Wieslav Józefczyk has welcome participants in the begining. The history of the wine road has introduced prof.Feliks Kiryk. The director of the Portius Asociation Zbigniew Ungeheuer has introduced the greatest importer of hungarian wines to the north and east in the 17-th century Robert W. Portius. Stanislaw Orlowski has spoken about actual status of the wine road. Participants from Hungaria and Slovakia have spoken about another experiences related to the regional development and turism. A degustation of hungarian and our wines followed in the afternoon.

The wine road at actual appearance

Hungaria: Tokaj, Sarospatak, Satoraljaujhely
Slovakia: Trebišov, Michalovce, Humenné
Poland: Bukovsko, Zarszyn, Rymanów, Krosno

The degustation

We had two wines at the degustation:
Rizling Vlašský
the predicate wine grape selection, dry
Cabernet Sauvignon
the predicate wine late harvest, dry

More information about wines you can find at section wine, or clikcing at this link

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