T H E   B L E S S I N G   O F    W I N E S

The priest Juraj Sitarčík

The Mass

At december 29-th the Mass took place at the Brekov´s catholic church, where young wines from Brekov were blessed. The Mass was performed by Juraj Sitarčík, Andrej Krivda (he is staying at Vatican now) and Vladimír Sopkanič (work on at the parish of Saint Mary in Bratislava). We are prepared a refresment after the Mass - hot wine which everybody appreciate in the freeze weather.

Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist

The blessing of wine in the roman catholic church is conected with feast day of Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist. We celebrate it at the Christmas time (december 27-th) unlike Christians of Byzantine Rite (september 26-th). The legend speaks about Saint John. He drunk a poison wine to convert a pagan priest. Despite the poison nothing happened to him. Another legend tells that he was thrown into the boiling oil on the orders of the emperor Domitian in Rome. But he got off without injury.

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