T H E   C O M P E T I T I O N   I N   T H E   P R U N N I N G   
O F    W I N E S

Competitors between the lines

Peter, head of the school and Vojto Mucha

Rainy weather and fog followed us during the journey to the complex of the Agricultural school in Viničky. Participants of the 5th regional competition in prunning of vines were greeted by the head of the shool, the agent of fy Agrofox Mrs. Andrea Líšková and Mr. Slavomír Bernáth from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. All were informed about the course of the competition. We were prunnig Tokaj Furmint variety, which was planted in 1990.

At the vineyard competitors were organized between the lines by numbers they had chosen by lot and the competitionhas started. Sprouts were left at wires for jury to better evaluate prunning with respect to the vitality of the cutting bush. Of course the achieved time was the one of the criteria but not definitive. After prunning the jury came across the lines. At the same time participants had the presentation of Bahco tools for prunning Anouncement of winners and prizes followed. Five people from the regional competition will take part at the slovak round. With glass of wine and refreshment we met friends and people talked about vineyards and life.

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