T H E   V I N T A G E   ´ 0 9

The opening at the sunny vineyard

Delicious guláš

Burčiak is interesting for everybody

Homemade proscuitto

The openning

We were prepared the celebration Vinobranie ´09 at september 29-th 2009. It was a friendly meeting in occasion of openning this year harvest. After the invitation we has evaluated the inquiry from the last year. The goal was to propose the name of the special edition of wine which are given to people every year. The winning title is Barko Principesa and it is on the label which was chosen at 2007.

Beetwen lines

Next Veronika Barníková read poems of our collegue Mr. Anton Jacina. It was dedicated to vineyards and people who take carre of them with love. Afterwards we announced a new inquiry. We asked people to propose a variety of vine we could plant at the vineyard. Than we move beetwen lines of vines and collect some grapes to open this year harvest. The 4-th special edition will be produced from that grapes for people, who will come next year.

A friedly athmosphere

After the official begining we invited people to drink wine and burčiak and eat some special foods for example gulaš, fish, prosciutto. We had very nice sunny weather and the friendly athmosphere till evening when we had to leave vineyard but we will meet each other during collection of grapes at october.

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