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Cabernet Sauvignon

A fair weather

Notes from this year I can start with a fair weather. Rainless and warm summer weather has continued till the end of September. In the middle of September there was the sugar content closed to 19 kg per hectolitre even varieties which are ripen at the end of October has the same sugar content. We had managed healthy grapes during all season so we have been monitoring excellent fruits to produce wine.

The beginning of the harvest

We started the harvest at the September 12-th with müller-thurgau which had the sugar content at 21 kg per hectolitre. We have prepared burčiak for people who come on the vintage this year. At the beginning of October we have continued with frankovka modrá. We will produce rose wine from frankovka which is more and more popular between our clients.

The second half of the October

At this period a changeable weather has started so we followed with white varieties. Chardonnay reached the sugar content at 23 kg per hectolitre and Sauvignon reached 24,5 kg per hectolitre. We were pleased by the fact and we believe that these wines will have the special aromas profile and delicate taste. The last week at the October belonged to cabernet sauvignon. After collecting and grinding cabernet came to maceration vessels to run fermentation and obtain pigments from hulls. It seems that the wine will have bouquet with forest fruits aromas.

The rizling

The end of the harvest in November we used to enjoy with the rizling. Bower-birds haven´t touched grapes. It could be due to higher acid content. From year to year this traditional rizling become more and more attractive for me and I believe the wine will be warm and smooth.

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