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Finančná zbierka pod hlavičkou Rotary klubu v Humennom


Výsadba oskoruše vo vinohrade Gečová


Po reze viniča prichádza na rad vyväzovanie rodivých ťažňov


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Here are some notes about the harvest 2009 and the photogallery where you can find some pics from the harvest


We were prepared the celebration Vinobranie ´09 at september 29-th 2009


At may 23rd there was the evaluation of The International Wine Competition Tokaj 2009 at Viničky.


At january 22nd there was the competition in the prunning of vines at Viničky.


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The blessing of wines took place at the catholic church in Brekov at december 29-th


The 4th International Fineart Symposium took place at the motorest Dvor pod viničnou skalou in Brekov


The International Conference "The Carpathian Wine Road" took place in polish town Rymanów


There is a phenophase "leaking" at the end of the winter


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We finished the harvest at november the 3-rd at the Viničná hora with the "golden" rizling


At october the 5-th we organized party "Vintage ´07" in the occasion of the grape harvest


A wood-carver Mr. Ján Babenský created the statue of the Saint Urban for us


Vinedressers are full of expectations to berries in august


We presented our wines at the openning of the exhibition of mister Juraj Kresila on 7th march


The prunning of vines in the spring is the one of the most important and joyfull job at the vineyard


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We started the harvest on 23rd september and finished on 21st october with rizling vlašský at the Viničná hora


We organized "The vintage ´06" in occasion of the virgin harvest at Gečová vineyard


Grapes start to colour in the middle of august


The picture at the label


What´s about 2006? Will it be "table" or "predicate" one?


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A new section about history was added on november 11th


On october 29th we did the ploughing of vines


We started harvest on october 5th


Vine-dressers are enjoyed and restived at september


Müller-Thurgau finished fluorishing on june 23rd


On tuesday 17th june we have welcome valuable visit from Malé Karpaty prof. Fedor Malík


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