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Peter is pruning the vine of frankovka

Cold winter

What´s about year 2006? The winter at the beginning of the year worried us completely. There were frosts below -20°C for one week and we were affraid of young vines. In addition cold north winds blew all the time.

Pruning vines

The winter has finished and we started pruning vines in march. Young vines at Gečová spend winter in a good condition because of the ploughing of vines at autumn and accomplished wood. The same way spend winter rizling and müller at the Viničná hora.


At the first half of april warmer days have come and vines have started to weep. It is the way how vines awake to life from winter lethargy. The flux of sap is the omen of foliation. Vines need to be bounded to sticks and sprayed against leaf curl (acarinose) and erinose of vine.

In april vines are weeping

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