T H E   P R U N N I N G   O F  V I N E S

The mild winter

Every year we ask a question how we will go along? It was the mild winter so there are no losses due to frosts as last two winters did. Wood is well matured so let´s prune.

The prunning in the spring

The one of the most important task at the vineyard is the prunning of vines. We could control the amount of grapes and according to the fact the quality of grapes by the number of buds. We have to mind the vitality of the bush. It is neccessary to left longer sprouts at lush bushes to curb vitality. The markable time we have to stand between lines from february. In the evening you can feel the wood in the ones hand so shears should be error-free.

In the soil

Despite the toil I like prunning in the winter. One can go outside to breathe fresh air after long winter and there is a smell of the soil when the sun starts to heat the ground. I prefer wines where I can find "the spring soil taste. Than I realise honest winemaker and vineyard. They bouth find strength in the soil.

Spring rays above lines

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