T H E   C O L O U R I N G   O F   G R A P E S

Rays of the sun in the grape

Frankovka starts to colour

What causes colour?

A cluster of grapes has already apeared and it is going to mellow. Sweetness will be accumulated inside grapes during next two mounths. Blue varieties are changing colour from green to blue and violet. There are antocyan pigments which are gathered in the skin of every grape.


Our three years old frankovka will give us first „virgin harvest“ and we hope it will be comparable to well known slovak wines from Rača or Skalica. Frankovka is the typical variety in the Central Europe which can bear severe condition. At favourable vintage it gives wine with delicate cinnamon bouquet and dried fruits. A warmhearted feeling is caused by polyphenoles and glycerol. On the other hand wine could be hard by tannins and acids.

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