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prof.Fedor Malík

The truth about wine

On tuesday 14th june we had a valuable chance and met senior of slovak viticulture and viniculture who popularize the drink of gods, prof. Fedor Malík.

The evening in Vihorlatská knižnica in Humenné was dedicated to searching for the truth because it is strongly connected with wine for the ages. Profesor Malík with his own vitality led us on his own way to wine arros crossroads which nobody knows and followed to knowledge that vines have took him off nothing at all. I don´t know reaction of people around but I saw from his face that he was satisfied about the fact.


The presentation of wines which prof. Malík meets at home, abroad, in his own cellar even at international wine competitions took place in the second part of the evenging with title "All around the world not only with Cabernet“.

Among white wines The best imagination about eruptions on the sun among white wines remembered me Chardonnay from the company Vinesa s.r.o. Trnava. An abstraction of macromolecule tanins is Hron ( a new slovak blue variety), it is the stream of the river stronger after every kilometre equivalent to a drop of sweat. How can I sleep after the evening?

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