T H E   L A B E L

What is on the label?

It is obvious that the label contains of basic description of the product which is necessary to identify it. At the top there is the name of the viticulture region where grapes were grown. Next information is the name of variety and lower there is vintage. According to the law there is a predicate of the wine which tells about the sugar content of grapes at the harvest - it is cabinet. Next information are the date of filling, the content of alcohol, the producer and volume of the bottle.

The picture

There are a lot of questions about the picture at the label. It is a reproduction of Milan Mihaľko´s (our father) oil painting, which he created in 1995. There are ruins of Brekov Castle, which dominate the village. I cannot imagine the village without ruins. Many turists are atrracted to climb the hill to visit ruins during the summer.

Brekov Castle, 50 x 50 cm, oil painting, 1995

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