T H E   S A I N T   U R B A N

The Pope Urban I.

The staue of the Saint Urban - detail

Historical figure

The Saint Urban was the Pope from 322 to 330 a.d. He was the first of this name and it also was his birth name because the pope did not change the name at the time. Bishop Urban of Langres is reverenced in some countries by vinedressers. He was able to pray for sunny days or for rain that vinedressers needed. During persecution he was hidding in vineyards and many vinedressers converted to Christianism. People´s imanigation took Bishop´s pattern to Pope Urban and nowadays Saint Urban is represented with the Papal Tiara, the grape and the book in the hand.

The wooden statue

I met a wood-carver Mr. Ján Babenský for the first time in 2006 when he spent time at the art workshop at the motorest Dvor pod Viničnou skalou in Brekov. I was impressed by his work and we came along he will create the statue of the Saint Urban. We met again this year at the next art workshop and the statue was finished.

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