T H E   V I N T A G E   ´ 0 6

Participants between lines of frankovka

The cutting of the first grape

Frankovka which enjoys

The youngest participants

At the opening of the exhibition
(from left Alino Porvažník, me a Slavo Porvažník)

The opening

At october 6th we organized The vintage ´06 in occasion of the virgin harvest at Gečová vineyard together with The association of folk crafts in Brekov.
At the beggining Peter informed about the short history of the vineyard from the first idea to use our fathers land, prepation of the project, vine varieties to actual situation at the vineyard. That day at the morning supervisors tested grapes of frankovka and chardonnay and they stated the sugar content. Both varieties reached 23°NM which enables to produce predicate wine grape selection.
After opening speech Miška Krídlová, a student of the literature and dramatic departement of Art school in Humennom, delivered poetry of Ján Smrek.

The cutting of the first grape

Programme continued with the cutting of the first grape which our priests Jozef Hermanovský and Andrej Krivda did. After this Peter asked participanst to cut grapes. We are going to made the special first edition form that grapes - wine which participants will have at the vintage next year. This idea activated people and they was cutting between lines of frankovka. Everyone was helpfull even young, elder, chidren or ladies.
A nice sunny weather contributed to very successful undertaking which was also good to grapes during whole september. Nobody wanted to leave vineyard staying with glass of good wine from last year (Müller-thurgau late harvest).

The opening of the exhibition

I prepared the exhibition of my pictures at the restaurant Dvor pod viničnou skalou. The name of the exhibition is Parts of seen parts. I have seen (lived, understood, studied...) till today just some parts of the world and only little of this I have in my mind. Then I expained my motivation to paint abstract pictures and how they should to perceive it. (More about my pics you can find at www.art.mihalko.sk at the section youngster)
People discused till midnight eating goulash, roast and cakes, drinking burčiak. We thanks for everything The association of folk crafts in Brekov, people at the restaurant Dvor pod Viničnou skalou and our family who did goulash and another good meals.

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