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Golden grapes "hid" the rain

brekovskí speváci

Brekov´s singers from left: Matúš Pavelčák, Anton Jacina, Ján Ješko

Lucia, me and Peter during the degustation

Pri degustácii Lucia, ja a Peter

Graphic design which got the most points

The rainy invitation

It was the 5-th october and we was looking at the sky whether it will be raining. We are goign to welcome people at Gečová vineyard in the afternoon and it is not good if there will be a lot of mud. Unfortunately a half an hour before opening it started to rain so we had to move to The Cultural House in Brekov, where we have prepared the next programme.

The programme

In the beginning the singing trio invited us with an unofficial Brekov´s hymn called „Dže še kuri, tam še kuri“. Next we informed people about an actual year at the vineyard and expectations on the vintage. A few jazz songs played students and teachers of The Private Art School Múza from Humenné. After this we have prepared the degustation of wines from year 2006:
Müller-Thurgau, late harvest,
Rizling Vlašský, late harvest,
Chardonnay, virgin harvest, grape selection,
Cabernet Sauvignon, virgin harvest, special first edition.


Next we made a display of graphic designs of our future labels which I have prepared for the next wine „special first edition“. Every graphic design had the number and we asked people to view all of them and write a number of preferd one at the note (you can see the gallery of labels clicking at this link).There were also our father´s designs which he made in 70´s for the wine enterprise in Tibava.
The party continued with folk songs, eating goulash, roast and cakes, drinking burčiak.

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