T H E   H A R V E S T

The beginning of the harvest

The harvest we started with Müller-Thurgau on 5th and 6th october. Nice sunny weather such unusually warm at october and floridity of grapes bring us satisfaction for keeping it whole year. Supervisors stated sugar content of grapes at 21,2°NM which enables to produce predicate wine „late harvest“.

Rizling has followed

Sunny weather has continued. Fully grown Rizling Vlašský we collected on 13th and 14th october. Supervisors tested it again. The sugar content of grapes was stated at 19°NM which enables to produce predicate wine „cabinet“.


After crushing grapes and pressing musts were sedimenting. Next day must were pumped to oak barrels and sacharomyces cerevisiae were added to ensure fermentation. During the night dreams about a fruit bouquet appears. Could it be the truth?

The Tokaji harvest

We helped with harvest at the Tokaji viticulture region, the viticulture village Viničky, in the vineyard of Mr. Juraj Buzás. We collected Rizling Vlašský and Furmint. The sugar content of grapes was stated at 16°NM for bouth varieties. So we will see next year...

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