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Fully grown müller-thurgau


Virgin frankovka


Peter and virgin grapes of chardonnay

cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon


The harvest we started on 23rd september with Müller-thurgau which is our first variety. The day before supervisors stated the sugar content at 21,5°NM which enables to produce wine with predicate late harvest. We began collecting in the morning and the same sunny weather invited us as it was during whole september. We collected grapes till midday. Grapes were processing in the afternoon. Must was sedimenting to next day and than we pumped it to oak barrels.

Virgin grape selection

Next days at the end of september and the begining of october were very favourable to grapes. Sugar was slowly contcentrated at frankovka and chardonnay too. Grapes were tested on 6th october and the sugar content was 23°NM for both varieties. We are expecting wines with predicate grape selection from this virgin harvest. Next day we collected grapes. Chardonnay was processing and sedimenting and we left frankovka to macerate for one week.

Cabernet sauvignon in the middle of october

First frosts were apeared after 15th october. However there were sunny days we decided to collect grapes on the 19th october. The sugar content for this virgin grapes was stated at 19,5°NM.


We have got a lot of pleasure from rizling vlašský at the Viničná hora. Beautiful wholesome grapes were tested and the sugar content was 21°NM. We collected grapes on the 21st october. I hope the predicate wine late harvest will enjoy us for many late nights.

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