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The beginning with müller


Chardonnay at the warm sun

frankovka and homemaker

Monika, Peter and frankovka behind the grinder

viničná hora

The sun-drenched Viničná hora

Müller is the first

At the end of september on the 25-th we started our harvest with Müller-Thurgau. Supervisors stated the sugar content at 24°NM so we can produce a predicate wine grapes selection. Must was sedimenting till next day and then we pumped it to the barrel to fermet it with sacharomyces cerevisiae.

A predicate late harvest

Afterwards there where grapes at the Gečova vineyard. Surprisingly we find that all varieties was in the late harvest predicate. We started with Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc with the sugar content at 22°NM. We picked them up during the week and processed it in the same way we do with white variety (sedimenting and sacharomyces cerevisiae). We are pleased with cabernet sauvignon because the sugar content was at 22°NM too. Nice healthy grapes came to the grinder and to the barrel for maceration. I hope the wine inherit everything good from grapes.


There were frankovka left on the Gečová. Unfortunately from the half of october there were rainy days and the sugar content was stagnating. At october the 29-th frankovka had 20°NM. We decided to produce the fresh pink wine.

At the Viničná hora again

The end of the harvest at the Viničná hora was beautiful. In the morning sun-drenched bushes and grapes invited us. Rizling had the sugar content 22°NM and pruners had good „grip“. I was enjoying the atmosphere there and was relaxing taking pics between the lines. There are a lot of photos at the photogalery from the day.
We thank all volunteers. We will meet at the cellary degusting new wines. See you soon.

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