the King Matthias Corvinus
the King of Poland Jan Sobieski

Brekov Castle

In the northeastern part of Zemplín the Eastern Slovak Lowland ends with „the gate“ which formed river Laborec on its way. It is bounded by the hill Okúr (549m) from the left side which is often folded in mist. From the right side there is lower Klokočiny. There is a beautiful view of surrounding countryside from the hill. Brekov Castle – castrum Barko is situated at the andezit reef to the east from Klokočiny. The castle was built at 13-th century. The first lettering reference about the village Brekov is from1247.

Historical records

At the left side on the way to Strážske there are so called Viničná hora where vineyards are situated and planted vines. Historical sources mentioned wine at the castle Brekov in connection with Mattias Corvinus stay in winter 1473/74. He tasted Te Deum Wine after winnig battle. Another source is from 1683 when the polish king Jan Sobielski was returning from winning battle with Turkish and was drinking wine at the castle Barko. From 1772 there is lettering reference about vineyards by the count Stefan Czáky. There is reference about wine cellar from 1801. Wine from cellar was selling to Jewry by 45 forints.

What´s about nowadays?

After the First World War Jewry owned vineyards at Viničná hora. After the Second World War there was collectivisation of agriculture. Former vineyards were spreaded at about 40ha. Nowadays big parts are not cultivated and declined. Vineyards cultivated by people from Brekov are an old and need redevelopment. Plots of vineyards are desintegrated between hundred owners. It obstructs recovery or accepteable sale agreements.

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