T H E   P R E S E N T A T I O N   O F  W I N E S


Mister Kresila

There was an openning of the exhibition titled Pictures from the drawer of mister Juraj Kresila at the motorest Dvor pod Viničnou skalou on friday 7th march 2007. He is a friend of our father and we believe our whole family for many years. Pastel and water-colour pictures capture a spectator with refine colours and mister Kresila with immediate contact with audience. He attracted people just in the beginning of his speech explaning how he met an injury at the head (it was an metaphor of a pecking bird...).

The degustation

The openning of the exhibition was followed by the degustation of our wines in a such order:
Müller-Thurgau, late harvest, dry, 2006,
Rizling Vlašský, cabinet, medium dry, 2005,
Chardonnay, virgin harvest, grape selection, dry, 2006.
People appreciated the fine müller ´06 with the bouquet of a jejune peach and a quince with a typical residual taste of Viničná hora (limestone at the subsoil and in the mouth too) and the excelent chardonnay virgin harvest ´06 which has an exotic and juicy body (an yellow melon).

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