C H A R D O N N A Y   2 0 0 6

vineta Chardonnay 2006

the predicate wine grape selection, virgin harvest
vineyard Gečová pod vinicami
the viticulture village Brekov
the viticulture region of Michalovce

The wine with the light yellow-green color. There are exotic fruits especially yellow melon and citruses in the bouquet. The taste is full, smooth and transparent. After taste is long and harmonic. The wine has good ageing potential.

the date of harvest 9.10.2006
the grape sugar content 23°NM
the residual sugar content 1,4g/l
alcohol by volume 13,1obj.%
acids 8g/l
extract 22,7g/l
archiving 2-5 years

bottle 0,75 l
packaging 6 bottles in the cardboard cover

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