R I Z L I N G   V L A Š S K Ý   2 0 0 7

Rizling Vlašský 2007 vineta Rizling Vlašský 2007

the predicate wine grape selection
vineyard Viničná hora
the viticulture village Brekov
the viticulture region of Michalovce

"Golden" rizling has in the taster the color of the white gold. In the bouquet floral aromas dominate and with higher temperature there is honey as well. The taste is balanced and harmonic and little bitter in the end. It is the young wine with ageing for 2-4 years.

the date of harvest 3.11.2007
the grape sugar content 23°NM
the residual sugar content 1,1g/l
alcohol by volume 12,6obj.%
acids 5,8g/l
extract 18,3g/l
archiving 2-4 years

bottle 0,75 l
packaging 6 bottles in the cardboard cover

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